Relax, renew and re-energize.

The Spa

An exclusive, luxurious and serenity where guests can relax pamper and exploit themselves. Our variety of baths, massages, services and treatments gives our guests an unforgettable experience. Our facial and body treatments reveals your inside beauty to the outside side after our professional touches.

The famous HAMMAM or baths using only natural herbs and products allows our guests to preserve their skin and beauty using the most rarefied and refined natural substances such as Sfax or BAROUQ (a famous whitening stone for the body and face), and GABES, a special mask that gives the body a shiny and golden tan including the natural herbs that smoothes your skin and makes it radiant. Variety of handmade oils and fragrances that gives you the chance to pick the right scent for your body and soul.

Our weights lose and body sculpturing treatments provide women the ideal body and weight parallel with relaxation and luxury.

Massages at Arabian Spa & Beauty Center tackle your body with natural essential oils and sea weeds which allows women to regain energy and glamour.

The Salon

Ladies enjoy our nail care technique and experience as we use flower petals, natural oils and special oils to give your feet and hands the most unique and exclusive treatment. Nail art is another creative service where women enjoy the style and glamour of princesses.

Hair care and Styling provides women with the latest technology and products whether natural or chemical; along with our fashionable styles that makes our guests special and unique.

Make up at Arabian Spa and Beauty Center is an artistic journey where you enjoy the magic of colors, fashion, smoothness and care.